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Dear Sirs!

Glad to inform you that we have increased our possibilities to provide you with tanker tonnage after acquisition of shallow draft tanker suitable for carrying of crude oil and various petroleum products up to 5500 mt. Recently, m/v Kapitan Barmin has completed the regular dry docking and re-certified by Register without any remarks. Modern construction and excellent condition of ship and ship's documentation is a guarantee of safe and smooth good's transporting.

Our company is situated in the biggest Russian port, Novorossiysk, and is always ready for the mutual beneficial cooperation.


Ship class:

- River Register Classification and III- Russian Maritime Register of shipping.

Ship type:

twin-screw dry cargo motor ship.

Ship purpose:

general cargo, timber, bulk and grain cargo carriage.

Navigation region:

motor ship of this type are navigated between the sea of Azov, the Baltic, the North, the Black seas, the sea of Marmora, the Aegean and Caspian seas.

Built by:

Slovensko Lodeynice shipyard, Komarno, (Slovakia).
Dimensions Values
1 Overall length, m 114,0
2 Length between perpendiculars, m 110,0
3 Overall beam, m 13,2
4 Calculated beam, m 13,0
5 Depth, m 5,5
6 Summer draft, m 3,6
7 Draft in river, m 3,6
8 Overall height in ballast, m 13,2
9 Sea endurance, days 15
10 Speed in full load, knots 10,5
11 Cargo-carrying capacity, tn 2950
12 Capacity of cargo holds, cbm/cbft 4720/166750
  hold 1 1100/39000
  hold 2, 3 1210/42700
  hold 4 1200/42350
13 Deadweight, tn 3180
14 Dimensions of holds in the clear, m:
  hold 1 19,311,24
  hold 2, 3 19,811,24
  hold 4 19,511,24
15 Capacity according to international convention on tonnage measurement of ships, 1969:
  GRT 2457
  NRT 1010
16 Crew, persons 11
17 Powerplant:
  Main engine 2 disels 6L27, 5III2AL - 515W each.
Auxiliary motors 2 diesel generators 6S160 - 100kW each.
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